Wild Heather Mills gets creamed while fucking

March 15th, 2016 by jayq

Being an entrepreneur means traveling places, near or far. This also includes meeting different kinds of people who are part of various industries that would inspire Heather Mills with her business ventures. Plus, as an environmentalist, she too has had a bunch of connections with people in high places where she spend time talking about projects or other things that she has kept away from the limelight. Then again, when you are a public figure, chances are, the public owns you. And so, when something private leaks, all you can do is pray that the hype would die down soon and people would find other things to waste their time on. One of the things she kinda was clumsy about was this wild video of her with some pals going naughty on bed. This is the time we find out she actually likes the taste of pussy and enjoys the company of more than just one sex partner at a time.

Heather Mills creamed while fucking

She does have her wild side, if you recall, pretending to be employed somewhere only to be exposed as a thieving skank who was put on probation. That was just one of the instances where she displayed her carelessness. In this video though, she was sure that someone will eventually post this without her knowing so she made sure that instead of people throwing rocks at her, that they will actually enjoy seeing her eat cunt, and get creampied while enjoying rough sex. If you watch this, you might just become a softy to forgive her from stealing from you since she got you horny as fuck and made you cum a lot too.

Heather Mills’ Whack Off Worthy Nude Pics

September 26th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Heather Mills has to be one of the hottest MILFs ever!  She is one smoldering sexpot, no wonder Sir Paul McCartney fell head over heels for this blonde beauty. Just look at her: that slim, slender, silky body, a pair of hot tits, a tight, firm ass, and boy, her pussy is as pink as when she was a virgin! She definitely does not look her age and she doesn’t have any trouble getting horny bastards hard whenever she passes by.
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And just when you thought that Heather Mills, a hot fucking cougar, couldn’t get any hotter, she releases a series of pics where she bares it all. And I mean all- just look at that fine pussy! In this series, we can see her pretty pink pussy and her unbelievably firm tits in all their fucking glory! Man, even if I am half her age, I wouldn’t think twice about licking, fingering, and fucking that experienced pussy until I’m totally out of strength! Heather Mills is indeed, one hot mama! If you want to see more of her hot pussy, check out these Heather Mills nude photos.
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Heather Mills’ hot vintage porn pics

April 23rd, 2010 by LimaBean

If these pics won’t give you an intense boner, then you’re a fuckin fag. What straight guy wouldn’t want to explode right on their screens upon seeing these insanely hot vintage porn pics of Heather Mills? Just seeing her sweet ass while in doggiestyle position looking like she’s ready to take a hard spanking from that horny dude is enough to send me in a fucking frenzy with my girlfriend when I imagine it’s Heather Mills I’m banging.

Can you seriously blame me? Here’s another of my favorite pic of her…look at how juicy and tasty-looking her jugs are. You can tell her nipples are hard while the dude is licking one of them, and the fact that she is in handcuffs and her sexy bush is exposed is an image I’d crave for in my fantasies tonight.

Controversial porn pictures of Heather revealed

July 24th, 2008 by LimaBean

I guess by now Paul McCartney would have been shocked and amused somehow to learn that his ex-wife, former model and activist Heather Mills once posed totally naked for an adult magazine while sex videos of her were starting to surface until she was forced to admit the truth that it was her on those pictures and she was the one doing all those nasty deeds in those porn videos. And it’s now a breakeven score for the both of them and Heather had to confront her own demons and get back with her life… and for us, we just couldn’t get over from all those hot and sleazy porn pictures of her and she can definitely fuck like a real pro and these pictures are enough to show that Heather can still shake your romp no matter what!

This is just a sample look of better things to come and when you decide to click on this link and visit Heather Mills Porn, you are in for more raunchy stuff that only Heather Mills can truly deliver. Enjoy and have a blast guys.

Heather Mills and her kinky porn magazine pictures

July 24th, 2008 by LimaBean

This must be their version of D-Day for all Heather Mills detractors out there and our controversial babe has been bombarded and pounded heavily by exposing her to the public with one sleazy and explicit picture after the other of Heather posing and doing other kinky stuff from a European porn magazine. We are so surprised to see the amount of pictures that has been coming out and we just got to have them all! And after doing hard research and nosing around, we finally got them and now you get to see the kinky side of a younger Heather Mills as she strips down and does a lot of crazy stuff with her male partner in front of the cameras.

Watch Heather gets spanked on her bare ass while she indulges in one hot champagne shower as her entire body gets doused with champagne or see Heather share some strawberries and cream with this guy and there are more of those kinky and sleazy sex play pictures of Heather Mills we have in our possession so click here and take a tour around Heather Mills Porn for more naughty fun with this playful, sexy momma.

Sexy nude pictures of a younger Heather Mills

July 24th, 2008 by LimaBean

Here are those controversial nude pictures of Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills and on these pictures, you will see how Heather used to be this drop-dead gorgeous babe who happens to be well-endowed with a big pair of tits and a succulent (yet a bit hairy) pussy as she posed for one of those sleazy porn magazines in Europe. This new sex scandal involving her shook the very foundations of London and now Heather is under fire from all directions claiming that she used Paul McCartney for her gains and she was branded a slut and a gold-digger as well. But nonetheless after she admitted everything about her past, we really don’t care much about it and all we want was to see those nude pictures and have a blast wanking over them.

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